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Michelle Forrester

Death's Daughter...

26 October
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Full Name: Michelle Forrester

Nickname(s): Chelle

Age: 16

Race: Human (Necromancer)

Physical Description: Michelle is an odd combination of both her mother (Anita) and her father (Edward). She is short and curvy with dark hair and blue eyes. She is cute, and perhaps even pretty, but it's a normal sort of pretty.

PB: Mandy Moore

Personality: The daughter of Death and the Executioner. Nuff said. Perhaps, not. Michelle is very at home with the "monsters", having spent most of her life around them. She is a bright girl, very observant, but not too trusting. She does not have many friends outside of her "family" and even now her trust in some of them is faltering. Something is happening to her and with each day that passes she become more and more distant (and a bit more like her father).

Likes: Richard, Jason, Nathaniel, Her parents, Necromancy, Weapons

Dislikes: Micah, Merle, Calculus, Being talked down to

History: Michelle's life has been anything but normal. The daughter of Anita Blake and Edward Forrester, she grew up around the "monsters". As a child, she didn't see anything wrong with this and flourished under all the attention she was receiving. While her father didn't live with them, she talked to him regularly and saw him whenever he was in town. She worshipped him...something Anita knew would cause trouble later on. When she was eight, it became apparent she had some powers of her own, when a dead rabbit followed her home. Not wanting to put her through what she went through, Anita began teaching her the art of necromancy. She's now pretty good at it, but no where near her mother's skill. Her father also began teaching her things...mostly how to defend herself and how to hunt. She loves these lessons and the toys he brings her when he visits. But not even her father can protect her from everything.

A few months ago, Michelle began having horrible nightmares. In her dreams she was being mauled. Waking from these dreams, she would be covered in claw marks. She has yet to tell her family about this but knows she can not keep it secret for long. They are all noticing how distant she has become.